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Baby yeast infection

Types of baby candidiasis

Causes of baby Candidiasis


Yeast infection or candidiasis occurs in babies mainly in the mouth. But other parts of the baby’s body are also liable to get infected by candidiasis. As in the case of adults the infection is caused by the overgrowth of Candida fungus residing in the digestive system.

baby yeast infection

Types of baby candidiasis

1.Thrush or oral candidiasis is the most common yeast infection found in babies. The symptom is the appearance of curd like deposits on the tongue and the side walls of the mouth. Soreness and inflammation can also accompany the deposits. These soreness and inflammation affect the feeding of the infant and the health of the child.

2.Diaper rash and diaper candidiasis also appear on babies as yeast infection. Diaper rash caused by yeast infection has red bumps surrounded by small red spots. Diaper candidiasis appears on the upper parts of the thighs, pubic area and the lower parts of the abdomen. Both rashes and candidiasis are very uncomfortable to the infant.

Causes of baby Candidiasis

1.The baby can get the infection from its mother. Breast feeding mothers can pass on the infection to the infant if the mother is infected. The mother who is capable of passing on the infection can be detected by examining her areola and the area around the nipple.

2.Babies who are given antibiotics can get the candidiasis infection. Although the antibiotics can cure the infant of the infection for which it was administered, the antibiotics also weaken the immune system of the baby’s body. This opportunity is used by the Candida fungus to multiply and result in infection.

3.Humidity and heat also cause the infection. A humid atmosphere allows the sweat to get trapped on the body, especially where it is wrapped in clothes. Heat and dampness provide good conditions for fungus growth.

4.Contaminated feeding bottles and pacifiers also contribute for the infection.


Infants are less tolerant to medicines when compared to adults. So, natural treatments are recommended for babies infected with candidiasis. Swabbing tea tree oil over the affected area is found effective. Apple cider vinegar is another remedy. This also can be swabbed on the area where symptoms appear. In the case of thrush, dilute the cider vinegar with water and swab it on the affected area in the mouth. Applying crushed garlic is another way of treating candidiasis of infants.

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Most of the medicines used on the adults cannot be used on babies for the treatment yeast infection. So it is always better to take measures to prevent its occurrence in infants. Affected mothers also must take extreme care.

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