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Chemicals - Cause Of Yeast Infection


Today you get to buy many products in the market like inks, dyes, and perfumes that promise to kill the odor producing bacteria in your crotch. Very few of us know that these same bacteria are responsible for keeping that yeast infection away from you.

1.Use of chemicals in daily cleaning of your vaginal/penis area provides you with no benefit whatsoever. On the other hand, it may upset the balance of your crotch or even trigger allergic reactions within it fostering the growth of yeast.

2.Same is the case of using soap in your vaginal/penis area. This will not only distress the environment in your crotch but also destroy the mucus membranes as well. This is why you should never ever soap your crotch.

3.Another source of chemicals in your vaginal area is the colored and perfumed toilet papers that loaded with chemicals. If you are bent on using such toilet papers, choose to go for the unscented, undyed ones or the eco brands that are recycled and unbleached as well.

4.Check out on the different laundry detergents or fabric softeners that you might be using. Again this is a huge source of chemicals with allergenic dyes and perfumes. Try the fragrance-free detergents or an eco brand too.

5.Other products in your daily use that contain chemicals and could trigger yeast infection for you could be the additives in your bubble bath or bath salts or the feminine deodorant sprays or even the scented tampons and sanitary pads.

The following are the top causes of yeast infection:

sexual transmission

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