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Diet - Cause Of Yeast Infection


Here there are three things you can change in your diet to control your vaginal yeast infection:

1.You need to cut down on your yeast food intake like bread or beer. Though the yeast you find in your food and the ones you find in your vagina are completely different, there is possibly no harm in trying.

2.You need to cut down on intake of sugar in your daily food as it is believed to boost the level of yeast production by probably increasing the level of sugar in your urine. Same is the reason to cut down on your alcohol intake. It has been commonly observed that women with symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination or constant thirst have high chances of getting yeast infection. It is always better to consult a doctor in such a case.

3.Caffeine is another major dietary change you need to make. You need to cut off or restrict the intake of caffeine as that is also a possible factor.

The following are the top causes of yeast infection:

sexual transmission

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