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The Most Common Causes Of Yeast Infection

Yeast infection can be caused by various reasons. It is necessary to identify the real cause of their occurrence to cure them and prevent recurrence in future.

Why should you learn about the causes?

1.In those people who have recurrent episodes of yeast infection, detecting the cause of their occurrence can help to kill the infection in bud rather than treat it each time it recurs.

2.Knowing what actually causes yeast infection in you helps you to prepare early on with precautions on visibility of symptoms. This will help you to nip it in the bud by using simpler home remedies rather than abusing your body with lots of heavy dose medicines.

causes of yeast infection


Medically termed as candidacies or monilia, the yeast infection is a result of a sudden multiplication of yeast in the your body. Even in normal healthy people, you can spot a few number of Candida albicans in the crotch. It is with the sudden burgeoning of these bacteria that you develop this type of infection.

Normal causes of occurrence of yeast infection have been contributed to HIV, injury, sexual transmission, or even a change in the vaginal environment. These environmental changes that boost the formation of yeast could be an increase in the pH level or sugar levels or in heat & moisture as well. It could also be due to allergic reactions or lack of the populations of bacteria normally found in your body.

The following are the top causes of yeast infection:

sexual transmission

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