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Sexual Transmission - Cause Of Yeast Infection

Sexual Transmission

Yeast infection can be passed on to you from your sex partner as well. This could be either from your male partner or even female partner as well:

1.Lesbian partners have a high chance of spreading yeast infection back and forth. It is therefore very important that they take extra care while having sex like keeping the sex toys disinfected, washing hands and even changing gloves while touching your own crotch and then of your partner.

2.Yeast infections in men usually have no symptoms and that is why they are harder to detect. There is a big possibility that you might pass on your infection to him during unprotected sex and even after getting treated for the same, you reinfect yourself with the same infection when having sex with him the next time. If you doubt that your male partner has been infected, you need to get him treated as well. Make sure to practice safe sex till at least both of your infections have completely gone away.

The following are the top causes of yeast infection:

sexual transmission

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