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Chronic or Recurrent Yeast Infections

Some people carry a misconception that chronic yeast infection and recurrent yeast infection are the same. It may look the same prima facie, but the health problems faced by the people who suffer from these two conditions are very much different. To illustrate the point, a question from a patient and the answer are given below:

chronic yeast infection


I have a chronic yeast infection. My doctor’s opinion is that I have a pH imbalance and he asked me to use Mycelex or similar creams. I am not convinced of the doctor’s suggestion. Can I correct my pH imbalance by increasing acidity with the use of medicines like lactobacillus or acidophilus tablets? Kindly clear my doubts about vaginal pH imbalance or refer me to a competent source. Thank you.


Chronic yeast infection normally does not occur. What you are suffering from may not be a yeast infection or possibly it is a recurrent yeast infection. The doctor might have told you “recurrent” yeast infection and not “chronic” yeast infection. There is a big difference between a chronic infection and a recurrent infection. Chronic infection is an infection or condition which remains with you most of the time or for the rest of your life. A recurrent infection is an infection or condition which can be successfully treated, but the infection or condition occurs again after a period of time.

The point here is that the symptoms of chronic yeast infection may be the result of a more complicated malady whereas a recurrent yeast infection can successfully treated and cured. With good hygienic practices the recurrence can also be stopped.

1.A chronic yeast infection indicates that your immune system is lowered or you may have other diseases like diabetes. The symptoms of chronic yeast infection are the same as those for sexually transmitted diseases. If you feel that you have chronic yeast infection it is better to have a complete medical check up including that for STD. That will help determine the systemic problem you have, if any, which causes the chronic yeast infection symptoms.

2.If your current ailment is recurrent yeast infection, then the medicines you now using are ineffective. If you have reasons to believe that you have recurrent yeast infection the strain of the yeast you have has to be found out. For that purpose you must get a culture of the yeast in you. Then only your doctor can prescribe the correct medicine to counter the particular strain of yeast. All common antifungal creams may not be effective for the strain of yeast in you.

3.As described earlier there are other diseases which show the same symptoms as those of yeast infection. So it has to be determined first what infection you have before starting the treatment. Do not use medicines for yeast infection when you really have another infection. It may be counter productive. Even if you had a yeast infection once and after a period the same symptoms occurs, it need not necessarily be a yeast infection. Symptoms like vaginal itching and discharge may be due to some other maladies also. So, when the same symptoms repeat, do not presume that you have yeast infection and start medication yourself. It is safer to consult your doctor and undergo all tests required.

Lactobacillus and acidophilus are not good remedies for yeast infection. In your case a detailed investigation is required to determine your ailment. Call on your doctor for a complete physical and medical check up. Wrong medication can do more harm than good. Every time you feel you have a yeast infection see your doctor and find out what infection you really have. Treating yourself for a chronic or recurrent condition may lead only to more complications.

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