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Men can get yeast infections too

Causes of Yeast Infection in Men

Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Men

The Male Yeast Infection Simple Home Test

It is quite a sad fact that in most cases, yeast infection seems to show no visible symptoms for men. It is true that men with HIV infection tend to suffer from thrust or yeast infection in the throat. In the similar way, men also tend to suffer from penile yeast infection, without their own knowledge. Especially in case of heterosexual couples, the partners tend to pass on the infection back and forth, re-infecting themselves each time they have unprotected sex. If you have a doubt that your male partner could be infected, it would be better to get him treated before you have sex with him the next time.

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Causes of Yeast Infection in Men

The major causes of yeast infection in men and women are the same and only the chances of contacting them differ. Let us have a look at some of the major causes:

Sexual Transmission: Yeast infection is also another form of sexually transmitted diseases since it can be easily passed on from you to your partner each time you have unprotected sex. Many a times, female partner tends to pass it on to her male partner and then in spite of getting herself treated for the same, gets re-infected on having sex with that male partner once again. This is because this time the infection gets passed on from the male partner to the female partner. Hence you need to be extra careful if you have an active infection like washing hands, changing gloves while switching your touch on the private parts and keeping the sex toys completely clean.

Antibiotics:Prolonged use of antibiotics could kill the good bacteria present in the crotch of men that actually keeps the yeast away. This is why antibiotics, though not a common cause, could very well cause penile yeast infection in men.

DiabetesThis condition leads to a rise in the sugar levels of urine, feeding the growth of yeast in the penile area. You should see a doctor if you are bothered by any such infection along with visible signs of diabetes like frequent urination and constant thirst.

Nonoxynol-9A common cause of anal yeast infection, the lubricant nonoxynol-9 used to pack condoms could very well foster the growth of yeast and hence you need to use condoms without such lubrication for avoiding the infection.

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Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Men

Some men are lucky to not have any signs of yeast infection. For the rest, things could get really sore and the symptoms could be any of these:

1.Irritation and soreness on the head of the penis. Could lead to a sharp itching sensation in the area.

2.The head of the penis could turn sore red or even get blisters.

3.They could get a lot of white clumpy discharge.

4.Nasty odor from the presence of yeast.

You sure would rush your boy for a treatment when presented with such complications.

The Male Yeast Infection Simple Home Test

This is a simple test you can do back home and get to know whether or not you have a male yeast infection. The moment you get up in the morning, before you even brush your teeth, you need to spit twice into a glass of water and observe it for the next fifteen minutes. If the spit gets dissolved into the water and vanishes off, you can relax and be assured that you have no yeast infection whatsoever.

However, on the other hand, if the spit in the water forms a cloudy complexion with strings or sinks to the bottom or even if it looks like spider webs, chances are high that you have caught a yeast infection for yourself. Check further. If after 30 minutes you see sediment at the bottom of the glass, chances are that you might need to deal with a host of parasites first before you go on to treat your yeast infection. This home test will leave you in no doubt because the results will be quite obvious and you could very well tell the result in the first five minutes of the test itself!

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