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Yeast Infection Prevention Tips

Seventy five percent of women have suffered from yeast infection during their life at least once. A few tips are here for preventing yeast infection effectively.

prevention of yeast infection

1.Eating one cup of yogurt a day provides enough live cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus to counteract the growth of yeast. It is only good for prevention, not for cure of yeast infection.

2.Get enough sleep, so that your body’s immune system is strengthened. It makes you less prone to any disease.

3.Never use perfumed bath products and deodorants in the vaginal area. This may cause irritation.

4.Wear pads and panty liners only when they are absolutely necessary, like menstruating or spotting.

5.Douching alters the balance between the good and bad vaginal bacteria. Douching also spread the bad organisms from the vagina to uterus and the fallopian tubes causing pelvic inflammatory disease. Keep douching to a minimum.

6.Antibiotics also alter the balance of vaginal organisms. So use antibiotics only when it is absolutely necessary.

7.Heat and moisture aid fast growth of yeast. Keep your vaginal area dry and cool by removing the swim suit as early as possible after swimming.

8.Cotton cloths can breathe better than synthetic fabrics. It is better to use white cotton undergarments always. Also avoid tight fitting clothing. Tight fitting clothes trap heat and moisture and provide good breeding ground for yeast.

9.After a bowel movement wipe from front to back to prevent fecal bacteria to vagina.

10.Use only water based lubricants during sexual intercourse. After the use of water based lubricant the vaginal area dries up quickly. When petroleum based lubricants are used the moisture persists for a long time.

Yeast normally resides in the human body. It becomes a problem only when its growth is uncontrolled under favorable conditions. It can be easily prevented. If you are already suffering from yeast infection there is effective remedy for it.

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