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Reviewed October 2009

Yeast Infection No More

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1.We have received 159 successful storys from their customers.(Updated March 2009)

2.Cure yeast infection without any drugs or medical intervention.

3.Permanently Eliminate yeast infection

4.For both men and women.

5.Easy to follow , Step by step.

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7.Free One-On-One Counseling with the author for 3 months.

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Our Analysis

As a certified nutritionist and health consultant, Linda Allen wrote the Yeast Infection No More™ book - which has become known as the 'Candida Bible' - to share her knowledge of the best natural cure for Candida infections. It is one of the most precise and comprehensive guides to freedom from Candida infections that you'll ever read. So what makes it any different to the dozens of other books about yeast infections?

To begin with, her book isn't just another 'yeast infection relief' book; it's an actual cure for the problem. You may think, "Well, they all say that." And you're probably right, but the difference with this book is that it doesn't offer just 'relief' from your yeast infection, it is a real cure. Yeast Infection No More™ shows you exactly how to get to the bottom of the cause and then get rid of it. It will get to the internal crux of the infection rather than just treating the symptoms and making you think the infection's gone... until it comes back.

Yeast Infection No More™ won't just spout a lot of facts at you and expect you to believe every word. It will explain your infection and tell you about all the lies and myths that abound regarding Candida albicans. It can be a very confusing subject but this book will put it all in plain English and explain everything step-by-step. It is a very detailed book that approaches yeast infections from a holistic point of view.

The Yeast Infection No More™ ebook is 150 pages of easy to read detail and information about yeast infections and how to treat them 100% naturally. There are no drugs to take or creams to apply; just a solid 5 Step System to rid you of your infection. The book gives an in-depth overview of every stage then discusses all the specifics of the treatment in chronological order. It contains charts, checklists and many other items that enable you to keep track of the program and where you're up to.

The Yeast Infection No More™ program isn't a magic potion or quick-fix; it's a holistic approach and a holistic solution that guarantees you'll be free of Candida if you follow the program. It doesn't matter how severe your infection is, this program will work, unlike the quick-fixes other programs falsely offer.

The only criticism that the Yeast Infection No More™ ebook has attracted is that it's too full of information! People who thought it would be a quick pick-it-up-and-you're-cured book might find it somewhat overwhelming at first but with a little perseverance, the most impatient reader will find this the most invaluable yeast infection book they've every bought.

More information at Official Site YeastInfection

User Reviews

Average user rating:


(241 customer votes)

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1.Unick, Hazard, NE(Posted October 2009)

At 29, I suddenly started feeling sick all the time. Doctors tested me for everything under the sun but found nothing. They "diagnosed" me with "Fatigue of unknown origin". By pure chance, I happened upon The Yeast Infection No More™ and it explained everything. I followed his diet recomendations and felt better almost immediately. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't figured out how my diet and lifestyle were making me sick. I have cut out processed food and sugar, and now eat a diet mainly of organic whole vegetables and whole grains and I feel terrific.

If you have intense sugar cravings, get sick a lot, are depressed, or are tired all the time, read this book. If you have been on birth control, taking a lot of antibiotics, or eating a diet high in sugar and processed foods, read this book. If doctors can't figure out what is wrong with you, read this book.

2.Graves,Houston, TX(Posted October 2009)

My doctor insisted I didn't have to live with my yeast infection, but the medications he prescribed, and the over the counter creams and ointments he recommended, provided only temporary relief. After searching through treatment options on the Internet, I decided to try Yeast Infection No More. After about 3 weeks, I realized that the physical discomfort I had been experiencing, as the result of a chronic yeast infection was gone. I intend to continue with this to prevent a reoccurrence.

3.Lynch, South Miami Beach, Florida(Posted September 2009)

Since buying this book I have figured out that I am not crazy. About 7 months ago I had a stomach flu and had all the symptoms of a kidney infection. Being that I am only 24 I listened to all of my peers and took some antibiotics that one of my friends had. Sadly, it was amoxicillen. Well, since my immune system was down it caused the yeast in my body to grow. This book taught me that. I went from being a healthy 24 year old to a miserable ball of nerves within two weeks. I thought the stomach flu was just lingering but, after about two months I figured it was something else. I was sick for atleast 4 hours everyday. To make a long story short, I soon found out after that, that my aunt has had Candita for eight years. She suggested I research Candita, and this was the book I stumbled apon. After reading the book I realized that the reason I was feeling so ill is because I was consuming so much citric acid. The reason for that was that the diet my doctor put m! ! e on was to bring my digestive system back up, it included apples, bananas and a slow integration into other fruits. About a week after I started the Fruit-free, Suger-free, Yeast-free diet. I felt 150% better. It has been about 6 months since I started that diet and can slowly work some foods I couldn't have before into my diet. I am not cured but, I can atleast function now. I am starting to feel like a 24 year old again.

4.Carmen,San Diego, CA(Posted September 2009)

After suffering for many months, years, from various yeast related issues I purchased this book. My friend use the tips in this book for re-occurring yeast infections and it helped. I am sad to say I had this book for a good 6 months before I did anything because I was afraid to give up so much. Unfortunetly for me, things got much worse before better and it was actually my MEDICAL doctor that diagnosed me with candida. Just weeks prior I had taken my 18th antibiotic in 1 and 1/2 years. Shortly after I finished it I got a severe sore throat and mouth pain. It literally felt as if I was swallowing glass and then my mouth felt as if it were closing. One look in my mouth and throat and I was diagnosed with SEVERE thrush of the mouth and throat. I am now try this book. I am still very sick but much better than before. Thank you for writing this book and thank God for doctors who actually acknowledge that this is a REAL issue!

5.Kenneth , Los Angeles, CA(Posted September 2009)

i bought the book and learned a lot from it... i followed some of the steps in the book and realized how effective removing certain things from your daily life has a remarkable affect on the body. i would recommend reading it and using it as a guide to what you wish to achieve... even following some of the steps helped me.

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