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Gentian Violet - Home Remedy for Yeast infection

Yeast Infection - Gentian Violet

This is not quite a popular way to check yeast infections today. However in the earlier days it was used quite a lot and used to be found in the pharmacies. What you need to do here is to use a swab dipped in gentian violet and then apply it in the vulva region as well as up in the vagina. You can do it one or twice a day for better results. However, remember that gentian violet leaves a bright violet color to anything it touches and hence you should take some extra about avoiding using this product without use of some added protection like thick pads or even wearing black clothes.

Used in days before antifungal and antibiotics made their way into our pharmacies, the gentian violet can be easily found in the iodine section of some pharmacies even today. Else you might need to take the help of a friendly pharmacist who can order it for you. However, today this product is no longer available in some of the European Union countries for the fear of it being carcinogenic. Think twice before you decide on using this one to treat your yeast infection.

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Below is a list of home remedies that should treat most Candida infections away in absolutely no time. You can use them in combination for better results:

teatree oil
boric acid
potassium sorbate
gentian violet
Things to Avoid

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