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Control over your own body - Home Remedy for Yeast infection

If you can read your body signs early on, you can easily catch up on yeast infections affecting it. This can help you to take home remedy in time and save yourself from undergoing any medical treatment for curing yeast infection.

home remedy of yeast infection

A few home remedies can easily help you to cure yourself of yeast infections. Home remedies are preferably better because:

1.This way you can easily cure yourself of infections without having to run to the doctor each time.

2.Home remedies are easier and also cheaper as compared to medical therapies.

3.Home remedies have almost no side effects and also they are more pleasant smelling with a cleaner and milder effect on you.

4.Most of the ingredients used for home remedies can be grown in your own backyard, making you feel less dependent on the corporate circles.

However, in some severe cases it may not be enough to go with the home remedies. Hence in cases where you notice your infection not bucking down or if you are unsatisfied with the results, you can always go for the powerful fungicides (Read more about Yeast Infection Treatment) that are easily available over the counter.

Below is a list of home remedies that should treat most Candida infections away in absolutely no time. You can use them in combination for better results:

teatree oil
boric acid
potassium sorbate
gentian violet
Things to Avoid

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