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Yogurt - Home Remedy for Yeast infection

A natural way to treat yeast infection, yogurt is perhaps your best choice since you can use it at home and also since it is the easiest thing to avail. Yogurt naturally contains ‘lactobacillus acidophilus’ which is a bacterium found in any healthy vagina. It has been found that by producing hydrogen peroxide, acidophilus can naturally kill the yeast and that is why today yogurt is being popularly used to solve yeast infection problems occurring in the vagina. There are many ways you can use yogurt to solve your problem. Most women just apply it directly onto their vulva and inject it by different means:

Yeast Infection - Yogurt

1.You can pour some yogurt into a plastic tampon applicator and freeze them. Next time when you have the infection, you can easily insert them just like you insert your tampon. Though it feels a little cold in there, in time it will do away with the burning sensation caused in your vagina by yeast infection.

2.You can also fill yogurt into the finger of your glove and freeze it. You can then insert them directly by wearing on your glove.

3.You can fill the yogurt into a syringe without any needle and then squeeze it up your vagina for a direct application.

No matter which method of insertion you choose to get the yogurt into the vagina, make sure that your yogurt is sugar-free, without any added flavors, and contains live acidophilus cultures. You can buy the yogurt from any natural food store or supermarkets to get the best one. Yogurt is found to be so effective that today even medical practitioners prescribe it for their patients. You need to continue using this therapy till one day after the infection subsides.

Apart from all the above methods of inserting yogurt into your vagina, it has been found quite effective to just eat lots and lots of yogurt. The logic behind this is that some of the acidophilus will eventually end up in your vagina and help you solve your yeast infection. Eating yogurt on a long term basis can help you ward off the chances of getting a yeast infection. Even parents of children suffering from yeast infection use this method to avoid using suppositories or strong drugs.

It might be difficult for the vegans to use yogurt and they can alternatively use another method. Look up into the refrigerated section of your local health supermarket or health food store. You can easily find acidophilus tablets here in freeze-dried state. Make sure that the capsule coating is something soft that will melt once inserted inside your body. Remember that most capsules are made with gelatin content that is an animal product. So you can use these tablets by powdering them:

1.You can apply the powder directly into the vagina.

2.You can mix the powder with water to squirt them up your vagina.

3.You can even apply the above mixture by using a tampon dipped in it.

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Below is a list of home remedies that should treat most Candida infections away in absolutely no time. You can use them in combination for better results:

teatree oil
boric acid
potassium sorbate
gentian violet
Things to Avoid

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