Yeast Infection product reviews

What do you know about yeast infection?

Yeast infection is normally caused by some kind of fungus. This disease is known as candidiasis and it affects nearly every woman. It is very well known that yeast infection is common between those having a weak immune system and women during pregnancy. Women at the age of 30 to 50 years can get easily infected as well.

This kind of fungus is affecting every woman during a certain age or phase during her life time. Sometimes it exists in the woman’s vagina and she cannot feel it as it is not causing any pain and there are no signs for it. When the fungus is multiplied it will cause discomfort for the infected woman. Sometimes, she might find a thick discharge like liquid cheese and when things get worse in more severe cases there will be some irritation and pain. In other times it might result in the increase of the size of the vagina and the vulva.

Although, yeast infection is not transmitted by sex, but in some rare cases it can spread to the infected woman’s partner causing a swelling on the penis’ head.

Yeast infection can be easily diagnosed by the doctor and can be treated either orally or intra-vaginally. The way of treatment will be depending on severity of the case. In some cases the oral medication might cause some side effects like constipation or stomach problems. In normal cases it will take from four to five days to get cured and if the case is more serious it might take longer time.

During the course of treatment the doctor will advice the patient not to have intercourse. Infected pregnant women or those who are breast feeding will be treated by intra-vaginal medication as the oral treatment might affect the baby. Unlike infected teens they will be treated orally.

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