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Curing Yeast Infection the Natural Way

Curing yeast infection in men and women is very easy because different medications and treatment are within reach. Most of the creams, ointments and various medicines can alleviate the symptoms of yeast infection such as the itching and burning sensation but it rarely prevents the infection from recurring. Good thing that there are natural ways to cure yeast infection that can stop the yeast from infecting your body again.


Committing to healthy diet, using natural or herbal medicines and ointments are all part of a natural treatment for yeast infection. Other effective ways are discussed here:


Eating yoghurt is one of the most popular and effective method to cure and prevent yeast infection the natural way. Make sure to east unsweetened and plain yoghurt because sugar contents can aggravate the infection. If consumed several times every day, yoghurt can greatly improve your condition and relieve you from the annoying pain of yeast infection symptoms.


Garlic is known to have antifungal effects in our body. Crush a clove of garlic until it looks like paste then rub it on your skin that is infected by yeast. Apple cider vinegar is also commonly used as natural remedy for yeast infection. Diluted in water, it can serve as vaginal douche, but remember to use it carefully. Tea tree oil as well as oregano are herbal ingredients that can also provide relief from the symptoms of yeast infection. Like how you use apple cider vinegar, dilute the tea tree oil in water before using it as a wash. Do not use it in full strength because it is very strong and might kill the good bacteria remaining.


Believe it or not, your doctor might also know the most natural ways to cure your yeast infection. Ask them for some advice, especially if this is the first time you were diagnosed with this condition. 

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