Yeast Infection product reviews

The most effective home remedy for yeast infection

Are you looking for the best remedy for yeast infection? Did you try some over the counter treatments and it was not successful for you? Still suffering from irritating symptoms? No worries! May be the following paragraphs will help you to find the most suitable home remedy for you.

First, you have to know that you are not the only one suffering from this problem. Actually, it is quite an issue for many people and many of them are looking for the best and affordable cure. Perhaps you searched the web looking for the best remedy that will put an end to these itching and burning and then you found many of them promising the permanent cure.

But, you are not so sure about it, as some of them were quite expensive and beyond your budget. Normally, people believe that expensive products are the most effective, but this is not the case. As a matter of fact most of these products available on the market are not getting to the roots of the problem to solve it; they are just helping in temporary relieving the pain.

The most efficient remedy is the natural one and of course you will not lose anything if they didn’t work for you, but sure they will. Apple cedar vinegar is one of the best cures that you might use because of its ability to restore the PH of the vagina. You may get a bathtub filled with warm water and add to it four spoons of vinegar and bath in it for about twenty minutes.

Garlic clove is very effective as well and it is very well known of its anti bacterial effects. If you insert a garlic clove inside the vagina for few hours you will clearly see the difference within less than a week.

You may use tea tree oil, but you have to dilute it first. It is also known as by its great effect as a natural anti fungus cure. After dilution, it can be used inside the vagina for two hours. 

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