Yeast Infection product reviews

Home treatments for yeast infection

Sometimes yeast infection became very irritating. Of course you are not going to die because of it but in most cases the symptoms are unbearable. That’s why a lot of people are seeking the most successful remedies for treating them.

If you are a male the symptoms will not be that obvious. At the beginning you may suffer from a leaky gut which in turns may result in a large gut and sometimes fatigue. You will find it very irritating and uncomfortable.

As for women, it is something completely different as the symptoms will be burning and itching around the mouth or the vagina and then it will be complete discomfort. Things might get worse in some cases and a white substance like cottage cheese might excrete from the vagina. Of course it is not fatal but you don’t have to suffer or to feel discomfort and pain.

Actually, you will find a lot of people telling you about different natural remedies that you might use. The most important is to find the efficient remedy that will work for you. Tea tree oil can be helpful for you. It can be inserted inside the vagina as a douche. It worked for many people and they were satisfied with it.

Boric acid is highly recommended as well. But, keep in mind that it is for external use as it is toxic. If you take it orally it will lead to serious complications. In addition, pregnant women are not allowed to use it as it might harm the baby. Garlic cloves are very effective as well. It can be inserted in the vagina.

Some people use yogurt as a douche which is completely wrong and it will lead to serious complications. In case you are not sure about the best natural remedy that you may use you may consult a physician or speak to a health food store. 

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