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Yeast Infection Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of yeast infection or candidiasis are different depending on the location where it appears. The most affected people are the women. For them the infection appears on the vaginal area and mouth. For infants it is in the mouth and under the diaper. Yeast infection can also appear on any part of the body on the surface of the skin.

symptoms of yeast infection

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection

Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are white cheese like discharge. The discharge itches and irritates the vagina and the surrounding area. In advanced cases, inflammation appears on the vaginal mouth. At that time, there is pain during sexual intercourse and burning while urinating.

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Oral yeast infection or thrush

Oral yeast infection or thrush is marked by white lacy patches. Under the white patches there is the red base. This can be found on the tongue or palate or both. The white patches look like curd. But it is not easily removable. If you remove it forcefully, bleeding may occur on the red base. In some cases of thrush, the white curd-like patches may not be there. The tongue may look simply red. It is painful for people who have oral yeast infection. Sometimes, they may find it difficult even to swallow. Those who have thrush must make sure that they do not suffer from dehydration.

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Yeast infection on the skin

Yeast infection on the skin can easily be detected. It appears as flat red rashes with scalloped edges. Smaller rashes with similar appearance, called satellite lesions, are usually present around this. All these patches have itching or pain. The Candida yeast is normally harmless and resides in the mouth and the digestive track. When your immune system is lowered or favorable condition like warm and humid atmosphere is available, Candida grows uncontrollably. Then it becomes an infection.

Internal organs

If not treated in time, yeast infection can affect the internal organs. About 85% of the AIDS patients have a yeast infection called esophagitis in the upper digestive system. It is down the mouth from esophagus to stomach. It may result in painful ulcers in the digestive system. Swallowing also becomes difficult.

Into the blood stream

When Candida gets into the blood stream, the patient becomes sick with or without fever. If it gets into the brain, your mental function and behavior are affected. It is better to treat candidiasis early before it gets complicated.

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