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The Truth about Oral Yeast Infection

Microorganisms can be found in every part of the human body. In fact, there are several varieties of bacteria that thrive to have a place in our bodies. One of which is called the Candida albicans. This type of bacteria alongside others can cause great peril to our bodies especially when out of control.

Oral yeast infection or oral thrush is one skin infection that is brought about by unmanageable amounts in our bodies. Bacterial reaction causes white and red lesions on the tongue and parts of the inner cheeks and mouth areas. This skin infection may become very painful and annoying at times.

There are so many causes for having oral yeast infections. One of which is a low immune system that is not able to control the bacteria present in the body especially in the mouth. To improve the capacity of our immune system to fight back diseases, it is crucial that our daily diet consists of equal amounts of fruits, vegetables, meat or fish, and grains. If you feel that you need a little boost with your daily vitamin intake, then you can take some supplements.

Not having proper oral hygiene and dental care also encourages oral yeast infection to come about. Brush your teeth at least three times a day, after every meal, or as often as you wish. Don’t forget to floss and use medicated gargle if you must. Don’t forget to change your toothbrush every 3 months. The older your toothbrush is, the more it is prone to be bacteria-infested.

There are different ways of treating oral yeast infection. These may differ according to the seriousness of your infection and your age as well. Most of the oral yeast infection medicines are either over-the-counter or prescription drugs, and may come as pills, lozenges, or in syrup forms.

For you to be sure that you are using the right treatment for your oral yeast infection, visit your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will be able to prescribe the right treatment for you.

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