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Males are not safe from Yeast Infection

Although most victims of yeast infections are women, reported cases of males getting contaminated with yeast infection have recently increased through the years. Male Yeast Infection or Penis Yeast Infection does not necessarily take place when a man has unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected partner.

 There are other ways for men to be contaminated with these infectious bacteria. One of which is through sexual intercourse with someone who is infected. Another is by being on antibiotics more than the usual prescribed period. And the most common of all the causes is people who have a very feeble immune system.

The symptoms of this disease include the following:

The head of the penis begins to have a reddish color and rashes appear on the skin.

Intolerable burning and itching sensation on the affected area of the penis.

Tiny sores are noticeable on the area.

The urine becomes dense and rather whitish in color.

There are many ways to treat yeast infections, some commercial and others are natural. One way natural way to treat yeast infection is vinegar. Vinegar is equally mixed with water and is rubbed on the affected area where itchiness is present. Tea tree oil is another effective way to relieve itchiness. Once again, it has to be mixed with water and applied on the affected area.

The chemical component of garlic is also very helpful for males who are suffering from yeast infection. Just by gently rubbing of crushed garlic on the affected portion of the male genitals will supply the needed release from itching. This procedure is usually done for at least 4-5 days or until the itching disappears. Overly scented bath soaps and gels should always be avoided. These products have ingredients that do not help in the peter out the infection but may even aggravate the condition. There are several herbs that can also aid in curing this skin disease. Herbs such as black walnut, chamomile and licorice are also very useful. They can either be consumed or rubbed on as cream.

Changing your diet will also be very beneficial for you. Having a more nutritious diet full of fruits and vegetables is encouraged. Stay away from junk food and alcohol as well. Drink cranberry juice at least a glass a day. The vitamins in cranberry juice are very effective in the healing process. If you cannot stand munching on garlic cloves then you can try out an alternative such as garlic supplements.

Certain antifungal ointments that can be bought over-the-counter in pharmacies may also help in relieving itchiness caused by the infection. But the best solution for persistent itching that does not seem to go away no matter what you do is to consult your doctor. If you leave this kind of disease untreated, it may result to a more serious disease. Remember always observe proper hygiene in your daily life to avoid any form of sickness and disease.

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