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What you should do when you have Yeast Infection during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage in a woman’s life. A pregnant woman should always be careful with whatever they do and whatever they take in their bodies, especially because the baby inside their wombs will also get affected.

Pregnant women are especially susceptible to many diseases especially because their immune system is a bit down during this stage of their lives. The bacteria called Candida albicans is present everywhere in our bodies but mostly thrive on places that are damp and soggy. This type of bacteria is responsible for the skin disease called Yeast Infection or in scientific terms Candidiasis.

During pregnancy, the body produces an excessive amount of estrogen which may be responsible for the rapid growth of the bacteria Candida albicans. This can become a problem especially when this type of bacteria grows so fast that it overpowers other contending microbes found in the body. Because of this, women are more at risk of getting yeast infections during pregnancy.

Some symptoms include itchiness and soreness at the genital area. Labia will appear to have small red colored gashes that will be very sensitive to touch. There will also be a fragrance-free whitish discharge that may look very cottage-cheese-like.

Being pregnant makes the woman and the baby very fragile to any strong medication that is why it is very important to always consult a doctor first before taking any medicine or even using any type of cream or ointment directly on the skin. When you go to the doctor, he or she may be able to conduct a little test on you and may ask a little sample of the discharge of your vagina and do some testing on it. Then the doctor may be able to get the diagnosis and prescribe medication that is mild enough to be taken by someone pregnant.

Although there are so many commercial treatments out there for pregnant women suffering from yeast infection, the best solution for treating this type of skin disease is always something that is natural. You can never go wrong with proper hygiene. Daily baths or showers will help in getting rid of some of the harmful bacteria in your bodies. And it is not only for sanitation purposes but it also relaxes the body and the mind. Heavily perfumed body soaps, body washes or body gels may have chemicals that are harmful especially for this extra sensitive phase in a woman’s life. Most of all, proper diet and light exercise is needed for the woman’s body to increase the level of her immune system.

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