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Types of male yeast infection

Recently, many men are suffering from yeast infection. Most of them don’t know that there are different types of male yeast infection. Realistically, these different kinds are not having the same symptoms and they are not treated by the same way. That’s why it will be very helpful for you to know about them and how to deal with them if you notice any signs or symptoms.

The first type is Balanitis and it is quite worrying as it is infecting the tip of the penis. Actually, it is painful and it will affect your partner during the intercourse. It will be burning, itching and painful during and after making love.

In some cases you might see red spots on the area infected and the tip of the penis might be swollen and start producing a white substance like liquid cheese. Of course this type will not kill you, but it is quite a problem that needs to be solved immediately.

The second type is leaky gut and this one will affect your energy. At the very beginning you will experience some indigestion problems and then you will feel tired and not concentrating. Actually, you will not be able to practice even your normal daily activities. So, definitely it will affect your life in a great way as you can easily get depressed because you are always tired and not able to do things that you used to do. Also, it might affect your whole body system.

The third type is candidemia and this one is fatal. Actually, this type gets into the body through blood which is considered to be serious for either male or female, but males are at a higher risk. People who get this type of infection are either having aids or receiving cancer treatments. Mainly, people who got this type of infection got it through hospitals and it is completely fatal. So, you have to consult your doctor immediately.

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