Yeast Infection product reviews

What is Yeast Infection

Experts believe that three out of four women will have yeast infection at least once in their lifetime. A type of yeast, Candida, which can infect the skin, linings of the mouth, anus and genitals, causes yeast infection. Most women who are affected by vaginal yeast infection are those who are in their menopause because their estrogen levels drop and cause the protective linings of vaginal walls to thin. However, keep in mind that yeast infection can still happen to anyone—male or female, young or old—especially if your immune system is not up to its best health.

Symptoms of yeast infection can easily be detected so you can find a cure for it right away if you notice the symptoms. It is usually characterized by burning or itching, irritation and redness at the vaginal area. Those who have severe yeast infection may also experience painful urination, excessive vaginal discharge as well as pain during sexual intercourse.

Treatment is relatively easy and self-treatment is possible. If you detect right away that you have yeast infection, there are many ways you can do to cure it. Many people who are into natural remedies recommend that you eat food that has a lot of garlic in it, because garlic has antifungal properties. There are medical and natural treatments available. Antifungal creams, antiseptic creams and ointments are usually available over the counter but be careful not to buy those that may have harmful ingredients.

If you have tried every remedy possible and yet you still suffer from the symptoms, it’s best to consult your physician right away. Your doctor will give you prescription medicine that will help cure your yeast infection, as well as the best advice to prevent it from happening again. Do not keep trying to find cures for yourself especially when you have tried many ways already. 

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